Welcome to the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design (RCID) doctoral program at Clemson University, in the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities. We are seeking the top students in this evolving field who are interested in an overall balance of ecologies in rhetorics and communication. Our program offers a cross-cultural, transdisciplinary curriculum with a conceptual emphasis on knowing, doing, and making--or theoretical, practical, and productive approaches to knowledge. Our students take positions, for the most part, in departments of English and Communication Studies, as well as departments of New Media.

Applications must be made to both the Graduate School and the Program Director. Here's the latest RCID Handbook.

We urge all prospective students to apply early in October and November
for entrance into the program since Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships are competitive. The deadline for applications is February 1st. After that point, we cannot be responsible for any applications.

We presently have 27 students enrolled. We are accepting applications now for new students in the Fall, 2016. We will probably accept 5-7 new students. We also have a new online program that is offered simultaneously with the in-residence program. We are offering 6 core and cognate seminars a semester as well as 2 active colloquia (Games-Cinema and Theory-Criticism) and the RCID Research Forum and the Student-Work-in-Progress Forum, both for students and faculty. We offer an array of seminars, labs, and studios. This is a four-year program. 7 of our fourth-year students are presently writing their dissertations, and will be on the job market this academic year.

We have graduated 34 students in ten years--all placed in excellent positions upon graduation:

seven-years ago, one of our third-year students, Mac MacArthur, defended his dissertation and accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position at Queens College, NC. He is now an Associate Professor Five years ago, two of our fourth-year students, Justin Hodgson and Amanda Booher, accepted assistant professor tenure-track positions respectively at Indiana U, Bloomington; and The University of Akron.

The past five years, twelve of our third- and fourth-year students accepted positions: Mark Ward (U of Houston, Victoria), Jason Helms (Texas Christian U), Joshua Hilst (Utah Valley University), Michelle Dacus Carr (George Mason U), Wu Dan (returned to Xi'an International Studies University, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, People's Republic of China), Steven Thompson (U of Maryland U College, Adelphi MD), Joshua Abboud (U of Kentucky), Sergio Figueiredo (Kennesaw State U, GA), Andrew Hurley (Clemson U), Randy Nicholes (Limestone College), Josephine Walwema (Oakland U, Detroit), and Alicia Hatter (Senior Usability Engineer at Vanguard's Corporate Headquarters in Philadelphia).For the most recent graduates, see students along with faculty.

And then, there are Steven Holmes, George Mason U; Lauren Mitchel, U of Hawaii; Stephen Lind, Washington and Lee U; and Jimmy Butts, Wake Forest U. And the beat goes on and on. See People/Students ....

For additional information about us, check out our news blog. Also, again, if you are considering to apply for the RCID program, you should contact Victor J. Vitanza, the Director, as soon as possible.

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