Victor J. Vitanza
-/- -/- 864.656.6411 -/-
Director, Ph.D. in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design
711 Strode Tower
College of Architecture, Arts, Humanities
Clemson University, Clemson SC 29634-0523

Note of invitation to prospective students: If you are interested in the RCID program, you should by all means contact me through email in September-November. I'm here to help you work through the process of determining if the RCID program is the right one for you. If so, then, I will help you through the application process. Once the full application, to both the Graduate School and to me, is in my hands, I will study it and get back to you. If on paper your background looks like a good fit for our program, then, I will present your application to the RCID Advisory Committee, which is composed of RCID faculty members. It is our practice to bring all students whom we are interested in to campus for two days.

If you would like to communicate with any of our students and faculty on the "People" page, please feel free to send them an email. We are all here to help you through this process.

Best, vv

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