Cost of Study

It's best to see what the Graduate School site has to say about cost for both in-residence and online students: Tuition and Fees. RCID is a Tier 3 program.

Graduate Teaching Assistants, however, pay a total of around $1,200 per Fall and Spring semesters for insurance and other fees, e.g., parking, and, if teaching/taking courses in the summer, must pay . . . TBD . . . per summer session. The Stipend for GTAs is considerably higher than most programs offer.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The 9-month stipend for GTAships is highly competitive with all other similar programs. If there are courses for GTAs to teach in the summer (and there have been each summer), the stipend increases for Maymester and 6-week courses.

GTAs teach for the most part in English (in the Advanced Writing Program). Other arrangements for work can also be made in other departments and in labs. Teaching assignments in a department are determined by the student's Masters degree, in English, Rhetoric, Writing, Communication as well as other disiplines.


All graduate school fellowships are competitive. The Director of RCID will nominate select students who have been accepted into the program for a fellowship. Since the fellowships are distributed across all colleges at Clemson University, there are very few awarded per college. They run from $10,000 to $15,000 presently and for the year. For fellowships, students must apply for acceptance, with all material submitted in time, to the GS and to the RCID program in December. The first GS decision for fellowships is January 15th, then February 15th, and March 15th. A student may hold both a GTAship and a fellowship simultaneously.

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